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When you're not sure where to start

Sometimes I sit down to write a blog post, and I genuinely have no idea what I want to write about.


Today is one of those times.

But let me tell you a secret. I still don't know what to write about, yet I'm typing right now, writing about something.

In life we often don't start something because we don't know where to begin. I do this ALL the time. Whether it's cooking a meal, or starting a business, I find myself saying that "I'll start when X happens, or when I have Y."

Most of us have the belief that we need some sort of defined starting point in order to begin or accomplish anything significant.

But how often have you, either in your own experience or by witnessing someone else, seen that no matter how much time passes, that piece of knowledge of where or how to start, never arrives?

The reason so many people don't make progress is because they never start. And the reason they never start is because they THINK they need something they don't have in order to do it.

That is a huge mistake. It holds so many of us back in all areas of our lives.

We'll do something WHEN another thing happens.

The more aware I have become of this, the more courage I've had to take certain initiatives sooner rather than later in my life.

Starting this blog and sharing my journey to fulfillment was one of them.

Furthermore, despite not knowing what to write about today, I started writing this post because I had faith that I would find something.

And here we are, 15 minutes later, and I've got a post to share with you. I don't aim for perfection in everything I do. But I am starting to aim for taking action amidst uncertainty, and believing that the pieces will come together.

Sometimes, it's just about getting started wherever the dart lands, and trusting your inner-self to guide you in the right direction.

But, in order for it to guide you, you need to give it a start.

Live with substance!


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