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The Wave With Eyes

Imagine you are the ocean - all infinite waters, stretching around the globe, expanding far beyond the mind can conceive.

Within this ocean there are ripples, currents, waves, even tsunamis. There are also plenty of peaceful areas too. And the one constant about this ocean is that it's always changing form. It never looks the same on the surface, yet it's always made of the same substance.

You are the very one quality that makes up the waters. You are, in fact, the ocean itself.

But, let's pretend that for a brief moment in time, you forget this fact.

That is, you forget that your nature is the endless sea, and instead, you assume the identity of a particular wave on the surface.

As this wave, you have this unique ability to perceive your surroundings, to experience the variety of the nearby seas. That is, you can effectively see yourself through the eyes of one particular wave.

After so much experience of the surrounding waters, you make the fatal mistake of thinking that you as your current form, the wave, are separate from the activity of the water around you, and you form a self-protection mechanism in efforts to preserve this false sense of separation.

You fight against the very nature of a wave, trying to preserve the shape of water with which you identify.

Then you begin to long to be part of the ocean, to merge with it, because innately you know that's where you belong. You forget, all along, that you've always been a part of the ocean. You fail to recognize that by taking on the shape of the wave, you're still just as much a part of the ocean as when you're not a wave.

You live your life thinking you're a small wave battling against an infinite ocean, when all along, you've been the entire ocean.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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