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It's All Right Here

We spend so much of our waking hours thinking about what's next, or what we don't have but wish we did. We put virtually all our focus on the future, and of course, the past.

Rarely do we stop and realize that this here... this is all we ever have.

In fact, that future we so often project in our minds - that's never here. Sure, the visualization is here, but the belief that we will somehow get there is nothing more than a delusion. And it's one of the greatest delusions of mankind.

You have to remember - in fact, you have to constantly remind yourself - that this, whatever is in front of you right now, is all there is. There is no tomorrow. There is no yesterday.

Tomorrow and yesterday are just two more thoughts happening in the now. They're no different than the thought of food, or the memory of an experience, all arising and disintegrating in the eternal present.

Regardless of the content of the thought, it's always happening now.

Even the past is a thought. Memories are thoughts. The future is a thought. You cannot leave the present and visit the past. Likewise, you cannot simply visit the future. You cannot leave the now, because the now is all there is. There's nothing else. There's now, and everything is contained within.

All your life's experiences - thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, perceptions - they're all contained in one single field of awareness, one single experience we call now.

Life cannot be out there, back then, or over there. Life is only ever right here, and of course, right now.

There's one now, and it's the boundless space within which everything comes and goes.

Remember this as you move through your life. Remind yourself of the nature of your reality, the nature of your experience. Befriend the now, whatever it may look like. You might as well. After all, there's nowhere else to go, nowhere else you can go, other than be here now.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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