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Trust Your Future Self. You Always Handle It.

I spend a lot of time worrying about the future. Even the most mundane, micro moments that are soon to happen, quickly become the focal point of many anxious experiences.

Why must I subject myself to so much suffering?

The scheduling conflict, the car service, the social gathering, the work meeting. Every little thing that's coming up, to every larger life event like a vacation or even a wedding - it's all playing out in our minds and causing us a great deal of anxiety.

When I watch this pattern play out within my own being, I see that it stems, at least partially, from a lack of confidence in myself to figure something out later.

So, recently I've been practicing putting trust in my future self to figure something out. That doesn't mean I won't plan for it. That doesn't mean I won't take action now to move myself in a productive direction. However, it does mean that I will make a conscious effort not to suffer over that event when it hasn't even happened. I will try to not ruin my day simply because I'm worried about something in the future.

Instead, I will practice putting faith in myself, in my future self, to handle this situation as it arises, and move on after it passes. It's that simple.

So often we grasp the notion that we must help our future selves out by worrying, like we won't be good enough to figure it out then.

Helping your future self out is one thing. Perpetually destroying your current self because you think you're helping your future self out is another.

We must all learn to let go of our erroneous notion that we won't be able to handle a particular life situation in the future.

You can handle it, no matter what it is. You always have, and you always will.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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