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"Be happy no matter what" does not mean what you think it does

Amidst all my talk about being happy no matter what, I'd like to qualify exactly what that doesn't mean.


Today I had a spectacular day out in nature and exploring places I had never been before. Nowhere in my message do I say we should not do these types of things or enjoy them to the fullest.

But rather, it's more like this: I had the great experience in nature earlier on, and now I'm prepping for the work week, so I shouldn't be clinging to the fun experience I had wishing I was still there and therefore taking away my ability to enjoy what's now unfolding in front of me. My time in nature was great, but so should the meal prep I'm doing now, and writing this blog post.

Being happy no matter what happens doesn't mean we shouldn't seek out new and exciting experiences.

It absolutely doesn't mean we give up or renounce our abilities to deal with reality and just sit back and let life walk over us.

And it doesn't mean we always have a smile on our face. That would hurt! It just means we always experience a deeper sense of well-being, a deeper sense of feeling okay no matter what's happening. That's real happiness. That's real fulfillment.

A challenge for most people is that when they hear "be happy no matter what" they get the wrong idea in their minds. They get the idea of a seemingly happy, but probably oblivious, ignorant, or downright crazy person constantly smiling with turmoil all around them.

That's completely different than anything I've ever talked about or will talk about.

That's called crazy and delusional. That's not what I mean when I say happy no matter what.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz



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