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Why Now Is A Great Time For Spiritual Growth

Despite a darkness pervading our outside world, there is an eternal light inside of each of us that keeps us here to witness the darkness.

With great challenge comes great opportunity

Times are tough, no doubt. But, times are also ripe for opportunity. Ripe for personal, spiritual growth. If we decide, we can use the challenges that we're going through to let go of our personal selves, and transcend into the higher part of our being.

Just because things are a mess outside does not mean they have to be a mess inside.

Here's the truth. If we're not okay inside, then what we do on the outside won't be the best action we can take.

Why? It's very simple.

When you're not okay inside, you try to use the outside world to make it okay for you inside.

Something happens, and rather than just dealing with it, you feel the need to manipulate it so that it comes in differently than it normally would. Ultimately, you do this so reality hits you in such a way that it doesn't cause you disturbance.

People protesting and demanding that countries open up immediately are doing exactly that. They're using the outside world to try to fix themselves internally - that is, to try to feel better. For them, feeling better means yelling at other people and getting the country back open.

Meanwhile, others are spreading fear in hopes to feel better inside. We're all doing the same thing, just in different ways. We're all trying to use the outside world to fix our inner mess.

Rather than just dealing with whatever a situation calls for, people act based on the junk they stored inside themselves, and are now trying to alter reality in hopes to feel better, not in hopes to address the issue at hand.

And that's the real problem we're facing. It's not the virus. It's not any economic downturn. It's not any family hardship. Those are all just situations - yes, downright difficult ones - but situations nonetheless.

The real problem is that we're not okay inside as individuals, and then we feel the need to fight reality in order to be okay.

8 billion people fighting with 1 reality is bound to create an absolute mess.

We can do better

Be one of the few souls on this planet that learns to harmonize with the flow of life.

Be someone who works with reality. Be someone who can handle any situation life presents, because, well, what's the alternative? Freak out, hide under the mattress, and throw blame at others, all while ironically creating more health problems for yourself?

There's really no other option. We either learn to work with reality, or we work against it.

Both are a struggle, so why not struggle for something greater? Why not struggle our way into joy? Right now, we're only struggling ourselves deeper into despair, farther away from joy.

Let's not do this. Let's instead use this situation, no matter how difficult it might be on the outside, to journey inward, where real freedom lies.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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