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Why no one reads this blog

No one reads my blog.


Occasionally, my girlfriend will take a peak. And of course I read it. But you are not reading it. And if you are, it's because months have passed since I posted this, and by now you and I have connected over our mutual interest in becoming fulfilled in our lives.

But for now, it's quite ironic that I write in the second-person and address my readers who don't exist.

The thing is, I knew this was going to happen when starting, so I'm not confused.

I actually chuckle at it.

Because even though I know no one is reading it, my goal for the first month of this blog was to get in the habit of posting consistently. It was not to amass followers, and it's certainly not incentivized by short-term gains.

I understand it takes months and years to build an audience that finds value in what I have to say. And I haven't yet opened this up to friends and family, because that's not my focus yet.

So, if on the off-chance you are reading this, and you're not me or my girlfriend, then I really appreciate you. Thanks for stopping by, and give this article a like by tapping the heart below. It would mean a lot (because then I'd know you're actually out there).

Live with substance!


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