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Why Letting Go Is So Hard, And How You Can Learn To Do It

Two simple, innocent words. Let go.

Yet quite possibly the hardest thing for us humans to do.

We know it's important, so we try so hard to do it. We use brute force with our minds to just "let it go!"

But inevitably, we come to realize that letting go does not mean suppression.

We all know what that leads to. Just look at a boiling tea kettle.

So, what does letting go actually mean? And how on Earth do we do it?

I'm no expert at letting go, and it's something I work on every single day.

However, I have made progress, so that's what I'm sharing with you today: my experience with letting go, and my take on why it's so damn hard.

Perhaps these words give you the nudge you need to start letting go of what you're holding on to.


A Buddhist monk was once walking with his master, when they both spotted a boulder in the distance.

The master said to the student, "you see that boulder over there? Heavy, right?"

The student nodded in agreement.

The master proceeded to state, "It's only heavy if you pick it up."

How true. Things are only heavy if we carry them.

Trauma weighs on us if we carry it inside our bodies. Painful memories cloud our present moment if we haven't learned to part with them.

What are we letting go of?

Life is a simple affair.