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What's Behind It All?

Nowadays we're so divided. Race, gender, sexual orientation, age, workplaces, cities, tribes, nations.

So much division. So much tension. So much us versus them.

What's behind it all?

Behind it all is the human mind acting out at scale.

Most people think humans are bad. Or maybe that we're good, but that we're still a lost cause nonetheless.

The truth is, this "evil" we speak of is not our core nature. It's our mind's core nature. And that's where most people get it wrong. That's what most people don't get.

Whether we're a lost cause or not is irrelevant, if we don't wake up to a larger truth.

What truly matters is our ability to go within and discover who we really are. To wake up and understand what's going on. To realize that we are witnessing all of creation around us, remembering that we are inside at the core.

You see, the mind causes division. It does everything it can to either seek conflict or avoid it at all costs. Either way, our brains create more problems than we need.

But underneath it all, there's us. There's you. There's me. There's your neighbor. There's every single soul on this planet, just trying to be okay inside. Isn't that what everybody really wants anyway, deep down? Just to feel okay inside their own skin, inside their minds, inside their hearts?

Of course it's true. Nobody wants to suffer. Nobody wants to go through pain. Sure, we sometimes inflict pain on ourselves in weird, twisted ways, but that's because we're lost in the nature of our minds, who've become our masters.

When we remember who's behind all the conflict, all the rage, all the despair, we're all the same. We're all just witnesses to what's going on around us. We're pure, we're equal, we're awareness. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yet we lose our awareness, ourselves, in things that don't serve. We get caught up in everything that doesn't matter, and in nothing that does matter.

Stop taking sides in conflict. Stop resisting. The more you resist, the more it'll resist back, regardless of what it is.

Compassion and a basic, yet deep understanding of the predicament of humankind will take you a long way.

Wake up to who you are, and to who everyone really is. You'll uncover a deeper truth that extends way beyond any conflict you've seen with your eyes.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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