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What if every bad had a good?

What if everything bad that happened on our planet was actually just an opportunity to do something good in another area?


Everything we perceive to be "bad" in the world, is really just a chance to be better in some other area.

Anytime something happens that we perceive to be "bad" - bad for our family, bad for our nation, bad for something or someone - we dwell. We get fearful. And over the long term, we get CYNICAL. WE LOSE HOPE IN OUR FELLOW PEOPLE, AND OUR SPECIAL PLANET THAT GOD GAVE US.

As a result, it gets very difficult for us to be happy.

But what if we asked what GOOD could come of it? What if, instead of looking at these "bad" events like something to cry and be fearful over, what if we automatically thought, "Okay, these circumstances aren't pleasant in the moment, but what good can come of this?"

What act of goodness, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, could I do that resulted directly from this "bad" event? Surely something!

If it's a terror attack in a far part of the world, what if you chose to be just a bit kinder to the next stranger you see.

If you break a bone, what if you chose to embrace the new situation that lie in the months ahead by being eager and excited to learn new skills and new perspectives while you recover.

And voila, just like that, you're spinning a bad situation into another good one.

What if everyone in our country, or even our WORLD, did this, even just once a day?

Surely, some good would come out of it.

Live with substance!


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