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What Are We Chasing In Our Lives?

What is it that we truly want in life? Amidst the hustle and bustle of our chaotic schedules and frantic lives, what are we chasing? More importantly, why are we chasing it?

On the outside, our hopes, dreams, and desires can vary greatly from person to person. While your goal might be to become a world famous author, someone else's goal is to be a great parent.

Regardless of who we are, most of us have so many goals, dreams, and desires swirling in our heads at all times. But is this just taking up unnecessary headspace? Is there something far simpler that we all want, that perhaps would free up our minds and bring some peace?

The answer is yes. Behind everything that you think you want - the new house, the relationship, the dream career, the car, the family, the lifestyle - behind all of that is the same thing. You just want a pleasant experience of life. You want to live your life and feel good while doing it. That's all.

There's no need to kid yourself. All of those things you say you want are fine. There's nothing wrong with having them, but recognize that you want them because you think they'll help you have a more pleasant experience of life. The unfortunate thing is, your approach is wrong, and that's where the problem lies.

There's no outward thing or achievement that can give you a pleasant experience of life, at least not a permanent one.

With each new thing you acquire, your mind will find the next thing to want. If you get the boat, you now have a problem of protecting the boat, insuring the boat, adjusting your schedule to take out the boat. With that new remote lifestyle where you work from wherever you want around the world, you now have to spend a lot more time coordinating travel and figuring out how you're going to visit family.

You see, nothing on your list of goals, dreams, and desires is going to truly give you what you want. And that's okay. The point is to recognize that, and hopefully live life a little simpler. Not necessarily simpler on the outside, but simpler on the inside.

What if you didn't have all of these wishes swirling around your head 24/7, and instead, were able to truly appreciate every second of every day? Wouldn't that be nice? Isn't that what you want? Keep digging into the question of what it is you truly want. It may help you get there quicker than you think.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz



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