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The Two Worlds Of Business

Are the inner workings of a business not the same as the inner workings of a human being?

As human beings, or better yet, as spiritual beings living with a human, we inhabit two worlds: our outer world, which is what we experience with our senses, and our inner world, which often gets overlooked.

The inner world is the icky stuff, the uncomfortable place, the world we often neglect. Yet deep down, the inner world is all we care about. And if we learn to create a clean, centered inner world, then naturally, our outer world takes care of itself.

Is this not the same for a corporation? What is a corporation but a legally recognized group of individuals working towards a common goal? Is it not true that the more centered, clear, and conscious the inner-workings are of a business, then the outward, market-facing stuff will take care of itself?

This doesn't mean employees neglect their customers. Not at all. Nor does it mean when you're a centered human being that you neglect what's around you. Quite the opposite.

The more clarity and equanimity you can bring to a situation, the better equipped you are to solve that problem. The same goes for the people within a business. The more clear, aligned, and trusting the employees are of one another, the more they will be able to innovate and bring value to their customers.

This is why you're likely seeing more and more books and classes out there on leadership and company culture. Businesses are coming to the realization that without their strongest asset - the human beings who work for them - they're nothing.

Just like each individual ought to work on cleaning up their inner world before trying to fix the outer world, businesses should too.

If there's one thing I know to be true, it's that if you're carrying garbage on the inside, you're likely to spill that garbage onto the outside.

Businesses and individuals alike need to prioritize cleaning up our inner environments, making clarity, compassion, and simplification the focus. If we do this, success in the market, and in life, will naturally follow.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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