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The Purpose of Life

As I learn more about spirituality and the true essence of the universe, it's become clear to me that there's no mystery around the purpose of life.


Everybody will attempt to find their own meaning in life and why they're here on Earth, but I've found that it's very simple.

Putting religion aside, if we consider God to be everything in the universe - all atoms, all forms, all things, all life and all death - it becomes apparent that God gave humans a consciousness so that she could experience everything in her creation. To me, this explains why we're here.

If everything that exists has been created by God (which really is just a higher power, a universal force), then that universal force wanted to experience itself - which is why humans, animals, and life, all exist. We're all here to experience creation from different perspectives.

(Now, I do still wonder, if the universe is as vast as it is, why are we the only ones we know about who posses this awareness. There has to be other forms of consciousness out there, right?)

Therefore, if human beings exist to experience creation, then it follows that the purpose of life is to evolve spiritually so that we can fully experience life and become one with God. The second part sounds a bit too "religion-y" for me, so I'm going to leave it at the first part:

The purpose of life is to evolve spiritually so that we can fully experience life.

But let's unpack that statement a bit.

You might be asking, don't I already fully experience life? Why do I have to evolve spiritually? And what does it even mean to "fully" experience life?

Firstly, if we consider life to be everything happening in front of you, you most likely don't fully experience it. In fact, you miss out on most of what's happening in front of you because you're attention is caught up in the melodramas you created in your mind and body. That goes for nearly everybody, including myself.

Haven't you noticed your mind never shuts up? That's because you gave it the impossible task of trying to figure out how everything around you needs to be in order for you to be okay. And on top of that, you said, okay mind, do this all the time, while I'm awake and while I'm sleeping.

Haven't you noticed this is a losing battle?

Instead, if we just let go of that part of our mind - the part that never shuts up - and instead learned to use our minds as tools for imagining and creating great things, we'd realize that we were never fully experiencing life.

Only when we can get out of our own way, let go of the personal mind, and embrace the higher part of ourselves, will we fully experience life, and fully be happy.

Secondly, this is a spiritual endeavor because it involves going beyond the mind and body. It's more than just a question of improving our mental and emotional fitness. It's higher than both of those.

Finally, "fully experiencing life" means we're fully present, and able to give everything we have to what's in front of us, rather than dealing with our personal minds and problems. We no longer "get in the way of ourselves," so to speak, and instead we act out of the goodness and purity of our nature to the moment unfolding in front of us. We have no agenda, other than to give love, joy, and kindness to others, simply because we're so full of it ourselves and all there's left to do is share it.

Forget money. True wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

That's what every single living person on this planet should be after. That's the quest I'm on.

Are you?

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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