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Routines, Disappointments and Setbacks

I haven't posted for 3 days and I'm pissed.


I let myself down by not sticking to my promise of posting every day. To be fair, I never specified how many consecutive days I wanted to post. The reason (not excuse) that I didn't post the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, is because I didn't write the posts in advance, and I've been visiting family with my girlfriend in my home city, so I've been out of my normal element of blog-posting.

Basically, I didn't plan it right.

I wish this didn't bother me, but it really does. It does because I feel like I can't get the time back. I'm particular about things, and have OCD tendencies, so when I miss something like this, it bothers me more than it would bother the average person.

It's the same thing with dieting or working out. If I'm on a good track, then have a junk meal or miss a workout, I feel like all the work I've done to that point was for nothing, and I have to start over.

This is not a good mentality to have, and I'm curious why we experience this. I've heard of my friends feeling the same way. What's the advantage to feeling like all the work you've done was for nothing? It just makes you not want to continue with what you were doing.

In any case, I'm a bit frustrated now, but forcing myself to write something - just something - so I can get back in the habit of posting. I apologize if this doesn't bring a lot of value. The idea is that it will get me back in the habit, so that maybe tomorrow, or the next day, I can bring you twice as much value in what I write about.

For now, thanks for being part of Substance Over Style movement.

Live with substance!


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