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Questions About Quitting

When we feel like giving up, what is it that we really want? When things get so difficult to bear, that we just want it to stop, what are we seeking?

Some would argue that quitting is smart. It's good for our mental health. It lets us get rid of what's causing us trouble so we can focus more on things we like.

But who are we to decide what's important? Is what's in front of us not the most important thing that we ought to focus on?

What's at the root of our desire to quit?

Why is it that so often we resent what we're currently doing because it's hard, and instead wish we were somewhere else, doing something else?

Are we tired not because of the activity at hand, but because of our resistance to things not going our way? If so, how do we learn to not resist reality, and instead embrace it in all its shapes and sizes?

Does quitting solve the problem, or is it only temporary relief? But then, what if temporary relief is exactly what we need? A brief respite from the struggle?

The urge to quit can be almighty. But who's behind the urge? Who notices it? Who decides whether to cling to it, to act on it, to give in? Who has the power to recognize the urge as just that - an urge - which will pass if we give it space?

Only you know who's behind it. Only you know the answer. Don't you?

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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