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Perspective of the Cosmos

We often hear that perspective is everything. If this is true, then how do we tap into this so called perspective? What does the view look like from up there, where there's more perspective?

Circumstances of life can get so overwhelming that we struggle to do the most mundane tasks. Something as simple as washing the dishes or putting on our shoes can feel like dragging a two-ton boulder. In these times of great difficulty, our attention is so caught up in whatever story we're playing in our heads.

From a spiritual perspective, we, the subject, direct our consciousness on the most destructive, and often untrue objects - our thoughts, and of course, the volatile emotions that follow suit. We get so entangled in the falsehoods that our minds regurgitate all day and night, that we reach a point where we forget about anything else.

Our whole existence revolves around our minds. In fact, we're slaves to our minds without even knowing it. This is the smallest form of perspective. In fact, this is a complete lack of perspective. It's okay, we've all lived there at one point or another. Perhaps you're there now. Well, the fact that you're aware that you're there, means you're no longer there.

Simple awareness of your predicament has the power to take you out of that predicament.

So if living the melodrama of our minds is lacking perspective, then what does it mean to have perspective?

I like to think of it as levels of awareness, which translate into levels of being. You go from being a self-consumed, uptight drama fiend, to a free-flowing, adaptive presence, ready to respond to whatever life brings.

The way to move from one level of perspective to another is to practice - practice observing the things you don't normally observe. Particularly, what's happening within.

The next time you get upset, don't just get upset. Look inward while you're angry. Take note of the physical sensations. You don't have to change them. You don't have to try to make yourself feel better. That'll just make you feel worse.

You're allowed to stay upset. The question is, can you watch yourself be upset? That's where the magic lies. When you - that quality of awareness inside that knows you're upset - are able to sit back and observe the part of you that's not okay, then you've gained perspective.

You can do this while you're angry, anxious, depressed, or even in physical pain. Regardless of the outer circumstances, you can still experience them from within, from a place of perspective.

Changing your perspective is a lot like climbing a building and seeing the world from a higher place. You're still looking at the same things, but they appear different. What used to be a big problem is now just another ripple in the ocean. Not so big, not so much of a problem anymore.

With greater perspective, you're still able to recognize and appreciate the struggles and calamities of human life, for you yourself have lived them. Except now, you've joined the cosmos. You've broken through your personal bubble of self, and expanded your being to meld with all that's around you.

That's perspective of the cosmos.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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