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Now More Than Ever, Watch Your Ego

When tensions rise, emotions boil, and riots emerge, one thing is for certain: The ego is at play.

Whether you're observing the chaos from a distance, or you're one of the very instigators, you can be sure that your ego is feeding on it. Your job is to watch this take place within you, and within others.

By watching the ego rather than acting on it, you remain composed while the lower part of you doesn't. And that's the highest thing you can do. While your neurotic mind has an agenda of its own, you're not required to partake in that. You're allowed, and in fact, obligated, to sit beyond this egoic energy.

If you claim that you want peace, love, and joy within yourself, your community, and your planet, then your job is to watch your ego, not become it.

As you watch events unfold, also watch your ego unfold. Watch how it reacts. While very, very subtle, you can even watch how the ego takes pleasure in the pain.

There's no shame in your ego doing what it does. In fact, shame is yet another game of the ego. There is duty, however - there is responsibility - to do your very best to refrain from participating in this game of the ego. You're better than that. You're way, way higher than that.

So go beyond your egoic tendencies, and sit back into your higher power. That's where you move beyond violence and hate, and into love and compassion.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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