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Not Having The Answers

Have you ever felt like you didn't have the answer to something? Not just anything, but the big questions in life?

The ones that sound like,

Will I ever get through this?

Will things ever get better?

Will I become who I'm destined to become?

Will I ever find meaning in my life? Will I ever be truly happy?

You know, the more existential, universal questions which we really can't answer.

I've certainly felt this way, but I'm exploring better ways to cope, rather than just futilely asking them, and then becoming disappointed when no answers come in.

In a way, these questions must answer us

Meaning, they must come up and guide us from within. But in order for them to answer us, we must let them by giving space and then trusting they will come up.

We must give space for them

We do this be relaxing in the face of the stress they cause. We practice non-resistance to the feelings that come up - the fear, stress, anxiety, frustration, anger - all of those uncomfortable emotions stored deep inside of us that tend to, if not always, come up when we ask the questions.

By acknowledging and relaxing behind these feelings, we allow for the emotions to bubble up and pass through us, so that then something deeper can come up.

But as long as we block, resist, suppress, and repress, the deeper levels of consciousness and universal energy will never flow through us. They will continue to get blocked by these lower, more primal energies that our brains and our hearts have stored up throughout the course of our non-awakened lives.

We must trust they will come up

Once we give space, time and time again, we still must believe that our efforts will be worth it. We need to trust the universal flow of energy - the flow that has guided life and creation for 13.8 billions years - to pass through us and take us right where we ought to go.

That doesn't mean we take a backseat and passively let life guide us. It means we rid ourselves of the garbage we've stored inside so that we can harmonize with the divine qualities of the universe.

The next time you experience an existential crisis, or you're just having a bad day, try relaxing behind the stress. Try just being with it instead of resisting it. Eventually it will pass through you, and something deeper, more hopeful, will surface.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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