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Life Is Not An Outcome

When it comes to your life, there is no outcome. There's only this moment.

Let that sink in.

As you go about your life, hoping and waiting for a brighter future, just remember that when that future comes, you'll still be you, just like you are today.

So many of us wait for that special day in the future when things will magically fall into place. You could argue that our hope for a brighter future keeps us going. While hope for a brighter future is all well and good, it can easily create a detrimental effect on our present.

As long as you don't change your inner state of being - that is, how you experience the world - then nothing about your life will change. There will be no different outcome.

Sure, things might look different on the outside, but without inner work, your life will feel the same. And that's all you care about - how life feels, not how life looks.

The only thing that's real - the only thing that can ever be real - is the present moment. In fact, we live in an eternal, timeless present moment, in which we are the steady witness to constant change.

From our ever-changing thoughts to the weather across the globe, from our bodily sensations to the stars colliding in space, it's all in a constant state of change.

But what about the part of us that notices these changes? Is that not always the same? Is that not the base from which we interact with the world?

That is the core of your being. That is who you are. That never changes. And you know that, because you know that your thoughts, your mood, your job, your house, all change over time. They're never the same. But you, yes you in there! You never change.

You who directs conscious awareness and attention on the world, are eternal.

If you don't learn to change how you interact and relate to everything around you, then what outcome are you hoping for?

Don't waste time expecting your life to have a specific outcome in order to be happy. There are no outcomes. There is only the present moment.

Enter it. Live in it. And do your best to always come back to it.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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