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Home Is A Feeling

We oftentimes equate our home to the house we live in, the town we're from, or where we went to school. The truth is, home is none of those things.

In reality, home is a feeling we experience within ourselves.

Regardless of where you reside, we all share one thing in common. We're all living in this vessel we call our body, experiencing the same thoughts, and same emotions.

Sure, while the contents of our thoughts might differ, the nature of them does not. Critiques, judgements, fears, anxieties... we all share this same experience of being human, living inside this body.

Someone once said that we are not human beings. Rather, we are spiritual beings, living with a human. I quite liked that.

We have our primal, animalistic nature. After all, the human body is an animal just like any other animal. We just don't consider ourselves quite like the other animals because of our higher dimension - that is, our spiritual isness. This is our true nature.

When we look out of our eyes, hear through our ears, touch through our fingers, taste through our tongues, or just see what our mind is thinking - there is someone inside receiving all of that data.

Call it spirit, call it awareness, call it consciousness - call it whatever you want - that quality of being is always here, as long as you're here.

But are you living as if it's here? Or are you forgetting its existence entirely?

One of the reasons I'm so drawn to my girlfriend is because I feel at home with her. When I'm around her, a natural feeling of being comfortable where I am springs up within me. To me, this is home.

It's the same thing with your childhood hometown. There's nothing special about it. In fact, it's completely foreign to 99.9% of the global population. However, to you, it represents home. It creates a feeling within you which very few other people experience when they visit your town.

It's not the town that's home. It's you in there, the spirit, feeling at home because of the town.

Finding home is not about going anywhere or getting anything. It's about falling back into our true nature, and learning to be comfortable with the emotional experiences of life, wherever we may be.

!Live with substance

Gabe Orlowitz

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