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Grudges and Short-term Anger

Life is too short to hold grudges. It's too short to get mad at stupid shit. I'm plenty guilty of this. That's actually why I'm writing about it.


I don't like to think I hold grudges. But I definitely get mad at stupid shit. A lot. And it hurts my well-being. It hurts my happiness. And, it hurts the people around me. That's probably the worst part.

This is another case where I'm just so wired to do something, so much in the habit of getting angry at little things, that it's often my default.

I am, however, better at catching myself, and have become more aware of when I'm getting angry at something that doesn't matter.

My girlfriend sometimes catches me getting mad when it it's not necessary. Although this isn't always easy to see or hear, I definitely appreciate her keeping me in line. It helps me recognize when I may be stepping over the line. I then can look back and learn from my mistakes.

In the future, when I'm faced with something that typically would make me mad, I can practice being mindful, and not latching onto the feelings as they come up.

Live with substance!


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