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Freedom Friday

There's so much shit that holds us back, and it's all in our heads.


I'm fascinated by how every single limitation, excuse, and reason we don't have what we truly want, is because of the mush between our two ears.

It's crazy how blind we are to this.

Think about it. All the experiences from growing up, the things our parents told us, the way our friends treated us, everything that we experienced as children, teenagers, and now adults, has stacked and created wirings so deeply rooted that we're totally unaware of their existence.

Unless... unless we take time to analyze them, question them, and really get to the root of them. And that's hard to do.

We're not taught in school how to do this. No one teaches us. No one even says it's something we ought to do.

But I know it's important, because the people I respect have all done this.

For example, up until the 1950s, no one had ever run a sub 4 minute mile. It was deemed impossible. The common consensus among runners was that the human heart would explode. During this time of doubt and skepticism, a runner named Roger Bannister had spent countless hours visualizing himself crossing the finish line at 3:59. He would see it over and over in his mind until it became so real in his body.

Then, in 1954, he became the first person ever to run a sub 4 minute mile.

The crazy thing is, just 46 days later, another man beat his record. Since then, 1400 athletes have broken the barrier.

What was once an impossibility, a scientific limitation, became shattered because one man proved it was possible.

Our minds are like garden hoses, so tangled, so complex, yet so beautiful, and the way we begin to untangle it is to follow beliefs as far back as possible, questioning their validity along the way.

We have the power to rewire our brains, to rewrite our stories, and to develop newer, more empowering patterns.

It's so hard, and I struggle with it a lot. I'm always catching myself in negative thought patterns, and often times don't know how to change it.

On one hand, it's frustrating as hell. But on the other hand, it gives me so much to work with. So much improvement to make over the course of my life.

And improving is an amazing feeling. I love making progress. So, I have plenty to make progress at.

The good news is, there are people who can help. People who study human behavior and practical psychology. I'm not qualified to give advice or strategies on how to uncover this wiring, but I can tell you that even taking the time to question things you take for granted, could be fruitful. It could shed some light and begin to free you from your internal shackles.

Live with substance!


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