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Falling Away From The Self

It's easy to get caught up in worldly affairs. Money, politics, relationship drama. All the things we tend to blame as the reason life is hard. All of the things we try to keep at bay so we don't get triggered.

Certain life events have a tendency to pull us away from our true self harder than others. This past week, I've experienced that pull more than normal.

The specifics of it don't matter, because that's just the outside world. No matter if it's financial, health, or having to do with other people, it simply doesn't matter.

The only thing that matters is how I, the one in here, aware of everything that's going on, respond to these situations and protect my inner environment.

Because we get pulled into the energy of outer events, our consciousness gets pulled away from itself, and onto material, temporary things. And since it's so far pulled from itself, it no longer recognizes itself, and instead takes on the identity of whatever energy it's observing.

For this reason, it's only natural that we feel miserable when something miserable is happening around us. We get sucked into that event, and forget that we're the one looking at the storm, not the one inside the storm.

I've temporarily forgotten this over the past week. I've gotten so far pulled into the storm of other people, places, and things, that I've forgotten that place of peace within me.

But as quickly as we get sucked away, we can just as quickly return to our place of truth. While the energies that pull us away are always temporary, the place we look from, our truth, is eternal. We can always return.

True resilience is being able to return to that place of truth, that place of equanimity, time and time again, no matter how hard you get pulled away.

If you're like me and realize that you've been pulled away for some time, simply recognize that and do your best to return in this moment. For as long as you're available to be pulled, you're also available to return to your truth.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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