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Coming Back To Now

If you wanted to play a worthwhile game, you could see how many times you can bring your attention back to the present moment. Hint: it won't be easy.

We do a lot of things in life. We run around for years on end, trying to make a living, start a family, and chase the things that we think make us happy.

We devote all of our energy either resisting the things that happen to us, or trying to change things so that they make us feel better.

At the core, that's pretty much all we're doing. It doesn't matter what's happening on the outside. That's what we're doing on an internal level.

But there's something else that we don't do, and that is to pay attention to the now.

There are many ways to be present. Focusing on the breath is a fantastic way you're probably aware of. So is paying attention to the feeling in our hands, or our whole bodies. Some people like to count. That's fine too.

Whatever your method of choice is, it's always a worthwhile practice to come back to the here, to drop into the now.

At some point it dawns on you, that now is all we ever have. You may even kick yourself in the butt for not being here all the time. Where else could you be, other than here, now?!

The answer is, all over the place. You know how the mind works. That was terrible what she said to me. I'm dreading the meeting tomorrow. I don't want to exercise today! I hate my life!

All of these noisy melodies ringing around our heads every second of every day. Unless we regain control of our awareness, and bring it back to now.

The nagging voice can't live here now. It only feeds of past and future. The quickest way to rise above it is to ground ourselves in the present moment.

Why not make it a game? Why not see how many times you can catch yourself wandering, only to bring your awareness back?

Don't think you'll win the game, either. This is a never-ending game, a lifelong practice.

Start with just 5 minutes of being here, now. See where that takes you.

It might just change how you live your life.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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