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But How Are You, Now?

You‘re anxious. You’re depressed. You lack hope, and you’re scared for the future. But, while all of those conditions are taking over your mind, and sometimes your body, how are you, right now?

Aside from the noise of your anxious and depressed mind, how are you doing in there? If you dig deep, you realize that you’re actually quite okay beneath the surface.

Like the depths of a roaring sea, you’re peaceful while the waves crash above on the surface.

But it doesn’t feel like this all the time. In fact, for most of us, it rarely feels peaceful.

Most of us get confused about being separate from our anxieties and depressing thoughts.

What do you mean how am I? I just said I was anxious! Depressed! That’s how I am!

Well, not quite. Sure, you’re experiencing those disturbing energies right now. But what about you who experiences those energies? If those energies weren’t there, you would still be there, right?

Regardless of the storm above, you’re always calm beneath. The problem is, you’ve just been focusing so intently on the conditions of the storm, forgetting things were always okay down below.

Let this be a reminder that wherever you are, however you think you’re doing, you’re actually an incredible being who is full of love and radiant energy, which sometimes gets blocked by some bad habits. That’s all.

Always ask yourself how you are doing, despite what you’re feeling. In good times and bad, ask yourself, How am I doing, despite all of that? How am I in here?

Just keep asking. Don’t worry about the answer; the question will direct your focus where it needs to go, and the answer will arise when it needs too.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

It’s hard to separate your



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