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Another key to relationship success

Relationships about setting your partner up for success.


Doing the dishes at night so they wake up in the morning with one less thing to worry about. Tidying up before they get home from work to make their day just a little less stressful. Cueing their current favorite song when they're feeling down.

It's the little wins over time that add up. When the relationship becomes about giving, about constantly answering the question, How can I make my partner's day just a little bit brighter?, we begin to focus our actions on doing just that - making their day brighter.

Day after day, this is a key to any successful relationship.

You can't always influence your partner to do things.

But you can always pick up after yourself. You can choose to give them a compliment. You can be just a little bit nicer to them.

This is definitely hard to do at times. I struggle with it, but as long we consistently bring our focus back to the question, how can I make their day just a little brighter?, we will improve the quality of our relationships.

Live with substance!


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