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A Plea to My Generation

There’s truth, and then there’s bullshit, and I’m afraid the latter is winning.


Truth be told, I’m fed up with the current mindset of my generation (me included).

Bullshit style is winning over fundamental substance. I’m fed up with the myth that it’s easy, that we deserve everything now, that we can become millionaires by 25. Even worse, the belief that we should.

I’m far more interested in what really matters. Fundamental truths. Developing character. Embracing struggle. Perspective. Getting in touch with our spiritual essence. Knowing I don’t have the answers, and being okay with that.

Ultimately, it's about playing the l o n g g a m e.

Too many of us are pretending to be something we’re not, and it’s hurting us! It’s making us miserable. We talk a big game, but don't back it up with actions. Our mouths are moving, but our feet are stuck. Deep down we know it, but we continue to reach for the sugar instead of the long-term nutrition. It's all we know how to do.

I would say that I don't blame us, but that would be taking away our power to change. And I'm after change. So yes, it's your fault. It's my fault. It's our fault.

I fundamentally believe that our misguided attention to superficial matters has led us to live unfulfilled lives, and the only cure is a long-term shift in consciousness that values substance over style.

You won’t find empty motivation here. I don't claim that it's easy. That’s not the point. Besides, motivational garbage exists everywhere else.

And yes, I fully understand that no website can solve the ultimate mindset shift I'm after. Ultimately, it's you who has to do it, you who has to put in the work, day after day, year after year. But that's the beauty of it all. That's the whole point. You have the power, you are the power, and no one else can take that from you. I just hope I can help bring awareness to that truth.

I encourage you to take a look at the world, at your life, and at everything you do, through the lens of substance and style. Ask yourself, Am I filling the bucket of substance, or the bucket of style?

Let me know what you think, and if this way of seeing the world resonates with you.

Live with substance!


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