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I'm just so thankful

Last night I got pretty emotional lying next to my girlfriend in bed.


I couldn't help but be so damn thankful for all the joyful moments we've shared together, including the present moment of lying by her side, and all the future moments we'll have.

I was flooded with gratitude. How could I not be? It's insane how much laughter and beautiful emotional experiences we've created just in the short one and a half years we've been together. I get so excited thinking about the lifetime of experiences that lie ahead in our journey together.

This rush of gratitude is something we can all experience more often if we choose to. If we carve out the time to appreciate everything good that's happened to us. And even the not so good things that have led to better things.

It's easy to get caught up in the negative stuff - the mind will do that constantly. Mine certainly does. But the more we can be intentional and bring our focus back to the heart - to really let our hearts do the talking instead of our minds - we begin to feel what's true, what's really there.

Last night was a great example of when I just let all positive emotions and memories flood my conscience while I held my girlfriend as tight as I could.

We didn't say a word, but she could feel my emotions, and I could feel hers. It was beautiful, and I'm thankful for times like that.

This was a great example of living with substance. We let go of all negative thoughts fabricated by the mind, and we let our hearts connect.

I love you!

Live with substance!


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