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Your Destiny is Your Prey

Make your destiny your prey, and don't stop until you've fully captured it.


I heard this recently (I can't remember where... maybe a podcast, or an Instagram post) but regardless, it really resonated with me.

It put's an aggressive tone on the already true statement that you're responsible for your own destiny, so long as you take control of your life.

I like the tone of this because it's imperative. As in, your destiny is your prey and you MUST go after it in order to survive. But instead of survive, it's in order to THRIVE.

We will all survive (barring any unfortunate health-related incident). But few of us will really thrive.

And in today's world, surviving is not enough. We all want to THRIVE!

Most people are unhappy because they're just surviving. It would be great if everyone was happy just to be alive (and that's a perspective I'm working on), but even being alive isn't enough.

As humans, we're wired to grow, give, and constantly evolve who we are.

That's why making your destiny your prey is so important. We must go after it like we're a lion starving in the desert, and not give up until we've captured it.

Yet, just like the lion gets hungry a few days later, we too need to keep capturing our destiny until the day we die.

Remember, you're in complete control of more than you think.

Live with substance!


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