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Why You Aren't Satisfied No Matter How Much You Get

Life is not about getting things so we can be happy. It’s about getting rid of things that are preventing us from being happy in the first place.

It's very simple.

But before you go, I’m not talking about getting rid of material things.

I’m talking about getting rid of the garbage we all store inside of ourselves that prevents us from feeling good, or satisfied. That garbage includes the energy we suppress or repress when uncomfortable things happen to us. Rather than letting situations unfold and dealing with them, because they're uncomfortable and not what we want, we push them away with our willpower. Well, when we push an uncomfortable moment away, it gets stuck somewhere. That somewhere is within. That's the garbage we all store that inhibits our joy.

Getting things, moving places, meeting people - all of those things are fine, they’re beautiful - but they will never, ever, give you what you truly want, which is an infinite, ever expanding state of love, joy, and enthusiasm.

If you're realizing that you're unsatisfied the more you get, that's a good thing. It means you’re starting to notice what some people never come to learn - which is that accumulating things will never give you the true feeling of unconditional well-being that you’re seeking.

If I were you, I would start questioning what it is you really want. Make a list of things you want, and ask yourself why you want those things. If you follow each thing back to the root, I can guarantee it’s because you just want to feel good. You just think that by acquiring that thing, by moving to that city, by getting that new job, by some external event happening, that you’ll feel good.

But if you're catching on, you realize they will never fully satisfy you. As soon as you get what you say you want, you'll want something else! That's the big secret!

My question to you - why not learn to feel good in the first place? Why take the roundabout route to joy, when you can go straight there within yourself?

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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