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Why are we unhappy?

Our lives can be split into two buckets - things that truly matter - substance - and things that only appear to matter - style. To live a fulfilled life, we have to focus on substance.


Throughout my 28 years on planet Earth, I’ve learned a few things. Certainly not much, but a few things that I find to be very true. One of those truths is what inspired me to spread this message and start this blog.

I have grown to look at the world, and the way we interact with it, through the lens of substance and style. Far too often, we try to find happiness by reaching for the proverbial sugar - the quick fix - whether it's in our diet, our careers, our relationships, or just about any choice we make during the day.

The problem is, these poor choices add up, and leave us feeling empty, and further away from where we want to go.

My goal in talking about this is not only to get us to understand it, but more importantly, to live it, to embody it, to become it.

You see, I believe the only way we can truly find fulfillment - that lasting sense of inner peace, joy, and love that we all long for - is to focus on the substance in our lives.

If you’re up for it, I'd love for you to join the Substance Over Style movement by sharing with me, and others in the community, how you struggle, and more importantly, how you overcome your obstacles to lead a more fulfilling life.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this journey so far!

Live with substance!


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