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Which One Are You? Which One Am I?

The spiritual predicament can be challenging. A lot of times, it can feel very confusing. Who are we in relation to our thoughts, emotions, and body?

We know we're in here, aware of everything, but that distinction doesn't always keep the pain away. In fact, it can feel like the more aware we are, the more painful our experience of life can be.

I wrote this poem to try to capture some of the confusion I experience on the spiritual path - in particular, how confusing it can be to know exactly who, and what, we are at our core.




Which one are you,

Which one is me?

The one writing,

or the one reading?

The one speaking

or the one listening?

Which one are you?

Which one am I?




The one who is seen,

or the one who sees?

The subject,

or object?

Which one are you?

Which one am I?

Neither is you, neither is me.

Am I this poem?

The one writing it?

Or the one reading it?

Or am I none of those,

but the one who's aware of a poem?

To be aware,

What does it mean?

Is that the real me?

Take my arm,

I'm still here.

Take my thoughts,

I'm still here.

Take my heart,

I'm still here.

Take away everything, and I'm still here.

But take away my awareness, and I'm nothing.

The one who's aware,

the one who's aware that I'm aware.


that must be me.


Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz



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