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Happiness is not found in more money.

But it's not found in less money, either.

Happiness is not found in a bigger house.

But it's not found in a smaller house, either.

Happiness is not found by acquiring more things.

But it's not found in getting rid of things either.

While all of these things might appear to make you happy,

that's actually not what's happening.

When you make a quick buck, downsize your house to save money, or get a better paying job, the reason you temporarily feel happier is because your new life situation better matches your view of how the world should be.

The key phrase here is: how the world should be.

The cause of your unhappiness starts with the fact that you so strongly believe the world should be a certain way. You so strongly believe this because of your fears and desires. You have fears and desires because you haven't learned to be comfortable with life as it is.

That's why you created a blueprint of how all the people, places, and things around you need to be at every single moment, otherwise you're not comfortable.

Getting a new job or making more money just temporarily shifts your life conditions to slightly better fit your blueprint. That's why you think those things make you happy. Temporarily, they do.

But better than saying they make you happy, a more accurate description would be to say that they temporarily allow you to experience your natural, unblocked state - which is happy.

The problem isn't that things don't fit your blueprint. The problem is you have a blueprint in the first place.

Getting the unfolding of the universe to match your individual blueprint is a losing formula for long-term happiness. Until you ditch the blueprint, the only happiness you'll experience is the temporary, fleeting times when life seems to "go your way."

I hope this sinks in. I hope it dawns on you that what you're doing, what you have been doing your whole life, is not a very smart way to live.

I hope you commit yourself to learning how to ditch the blueprint and be okay with reality as it is. After all, aren't you looking for happiness in everything you do, anyway? So why make it depend on the conditions of the outside world? Why not learn to feel inner peace, love, and joy no matter what?

Let's commit to this together. The world will be a better place for it.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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