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When frustrations arise, do this

Now is a great time to talk about frustrations and how they affect us in our daily lives.


As I write this post, I'm in the process of updating my blog to create a better experience for you, the reader. What you don't know, is that I'm also in the process of experiencing anger and frustration.

As I update the look and feel of my blog, I'm running into a whole slew of difficulties preventing me from creating that great experience you deserve. I'm at the mercy of this platform.

The truth is - I hate feeling like this.

But then I quickly ask myself, if I didn't have this platform, or any platform, then would I be able to spread my message like I'm doing? Probably not.

Ah - what a good question to ask.

Asking this question shifts my perspective and immediately allows me to feel gratitude. Sure, I'm frustrated that I can't get things to work as intended. To be honest, I could probably spend an hour thinking about (and writing about) reasons why I'm annoyed, and why I have every right to be.

But I know that wouldn't be productive. If I remember my higher goals - to post every day, to share my message, and ultimately to feel good inside no matter what - then I can't let the simple frustrations of technology get in the way of that.

My happiness cannot be that cheap, and neither should yours be!

I'm constantly reminding myself that there's nothing wrong with getting frustrated or annoyed. What's wrong is if I continue to stay in this place. I admit it's not easy. I'm certainly accustomed to staying mad for longer than I need to be. That's exactly why I'm writing this blog. That's exactly why I'm sharing this message. Because I'm learning there's a better way to live - and I'm committed to finding that.

The next time you're pissed off, frustrated, or feeling anything other than "good" - ask yourself the question, "What am I really here to do?"

Surely, the answer isn't to complain or be frustrated.

Live with substance!


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