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What scares me about blogging

Truth be told, I feel weird about starting a blog.


It feels uncomfortable, and I think it's because of the fears I have. Also, it's not something I've ever done regularly, and I know I'm going to change that, so I feel my nervous system almost rejecting what I'm doing.

It's like starting a workout regimen (though that might be a bad example for me because I like working out). But, it's like starting a new job, where you're figuring things out, yet you don't have a boss, and it's all up to you to manage. Exciting, but weird cuz you're kinda figuring it out as you go.

I almost feel like I'm doing something I'm not supposed to be doing, even when you know it's right. Do you ever feel that way?

Here are my top fears about blogging.

  1. I'm not nearly as articulate about my thesis as I would like to be, or know I could be.

  2. I will give up too soon and not stick with it.

  3. No one will read it

  4. People will think it's garbage (or worse, people won't think anything of it)

  5. I'm going to lose interest myself (though this one less so, because I've been sitting on this blog for over two years without publishing, and I'm more passionate than ever)

I would like to flip all that though, to "what could go right" if I stick with it.

  1. I refine my pitch as I continue to write, and then by the time people are actually listening, I'm much more articulate and powerful in my delivery

  2. I write regularly every day or every week, and a year goes by and I've written hundreds of articles.

  3. More and more people start to read and share my message

  4. More and more people start to find value in what I have to say, and they join the discussion, thus teaching me a lot

  5. I become more passionate and knowledgable around fulfillment

You see, both of the above scenarios could play out. And I really think it's my choice as to which one becomes true in a year. It's my choice because I can't fail, as long as I continue to write. I can't fail because, if I continue to write, nothing bad will come of it. Either people will not read it, and I'll figure out why. Or people will read it and think it's crap, and I'll also figure out why. Or, people will love it, and I'll figure out why, and do more of that!

As long as I keep doing, doing, doing, and listening to feedback along the way, I can't really fail. I can, and will, mess up, but that's where the feedback comes into play, making me better. That's literally how we get better - we try something, mess up, get feedback, adjust, try again, and do it better.

As Tony Robbins says, "Success is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgement."

So do, listen, and do some more. You can't lose.

Live with substance!




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