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What's your rush?

How many times have you wanted to start something, didn't because of whatever reason, and then a year later, back in the same spot, wish you had started it?


One of the benefits of getting older is that you start to see patterns.

I turn 28 years old today, and while I'm still very young, I've lived long enough to start to notice patterns in my behavior. For example, countless times I've wanted to do something, start a business, learn a skill, transfer careers, but I didn't because of the daunting road ahead.

Everything I wanted just seemed so hard to achieve, with so many obstacles in the road. And if I didn't absolutely love it, then I didn't have enough fuel to keep me going more than a few days or few weeks at best. Obviously, this hasn't gotten me the results I'm after.

Feeling rushed is hurting us. It's causing us to panic, to think any road ahead is too long, forcing us to choose the short-cut, to look for the quick fix, easy path, the style.

The problem is, we do this over and over. I do this all the time. I think something will be too hard to achieve, that it will take too long, and so I choose the quick path. Or worse, I do nothing. Yet choosing the quick path over and over will never get me anywhere.

It's such a nasty feeling. Wanting something so bad, and yet letting the fear, laziness, or some excuse overpower your desire.

And then one year later, you realize just how far you could've come had you taken a little action each week.

The good thing is, I've learned this pattern, I know how this goes, and I'm tired of letting it rule my life. So, a week ago I decided I was going to start writing my thoughts, without judging them, without spending too much time editing, correcting, trying to sound perfect.

My first goal was, and still is, to be consistent, to just write my thoughts as they come out, and share them with you. No filter, no agenda, just share what's on my mind, and hopefully you relate and find some value in something I say.

If you're reading this, I really appreciate it. If my words resonate in any way, let me know by tapping the heart below. It would mean the world as I navigate this new world of blogging.

Live with substance!


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Gabe Orlowitz
Gabe Orlowitz
23 ene 2019

Love it!

Me gusta
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