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What Just Happened?

Since the final call of the next American president, millions of people are now rejoicing around the world. Most of us take this for granted. Democracy. Freedom. Unity. Of course we'd rejoice, right?

(Sure, not everyone is rejoicing, but that's another story).

What happened inside each of our beings that we are now rejoicing? On a fundamental level - on the level which we talk about in this blog - what's happening?

There was a monumental decision that rang throughout the world - the new president elect of the United States. Millions and millions of people went from extreme anxiety, grief, disillusion, fear, and and utter frustration, suddenly to a feeling of joy, and even ecstasy in some cases.

Most people would say, well of course, look at what just happened! We now have a leader of the free world who stands for love, not hate.

But now that so many people are rejoicing, I invite you to not only rejoice, but also pay attention to why you're rejoicing. Pay attention to the energy shift within you. Pay attention to the fact that your well-being was being hijacked by outside forces for months, or perhaps years, and all of the sudden, again due to outside forces, you're feeling better.

There's nothing wrong with this. By no means am I saying people should not rejoice for humanity! That's not the point. The point is, there was an outside event, and it significantly impacted your own inner environment.

Let this be a reminder, or perhaps, your first exposure, to just how tethered our well-being is to the outside world.

We're like this all of the time. 24/7, 365, our well-being is conditional to the forces around us. What people say, what they do, even down to the weather on a particular day. It's always throwing around our inner state, making us feel one thing now, another thing later.

What if we didn't need something as monumental as the right president to make us sing and dance in the streets? What if our natural state of being was ecstasy? What kinds of problems could we then solve in this world? What problems would even continue to exist, if we lived from a state of joy, unconditional to the outside world?

Something to ponder.

Live with substance! Gabe Orlowitz

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