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What Do You Do When You’re Finding No Fulfillment In Life?


Surrender to life.

Learn to work with the simple, daily occurrences that you witness throughout the day.

Chances are, you’re spending the vast majority, if not all of your energy just resisting reality.

When things go wrong, do you act like they're not happening? Do you throw a tantrum? Do you blame others? These are all tactics we deploy when we don't get our way, as we try to reverse a situation that we don't like.

But if we're wise, we understand we can't reverse reality as it's happening. We can only respond to it, and participate in it the best we can.

One thing I know you’re resisting, just by asking this question, is the fact that you haven’t found fulfillment. This is probably making it very hard for you.

Pay attention

I suggest you pay attention to when your mind starts trying to “fix” things in the outside world. Just be aware of how much your psyche tries to control things. You’d be astonished.

As you start to witness this in your everyday life, ask yourself, who just saw it? Who just witnessed my mind? If it’s my mind, then who am I?

You’ll start to uncover a deeper truth within, which is that you’re trying to find fulfillment where fulfillment doesn’t exist - in the outside world.

Fulfillment is “found” when you, the one in there, stop resisting everyday moments in life, and instead work with them. Learn to harmonize with life, to participate in the good, bad, and ugly, and fulfillment will find you.

Underneath it all, you are fulfillment. Let go of your need to find it, and you will realize it’s been there all along.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz


P.S. I wrote this post as a response to someone's question on Quora, and found it relevant to share with you here.

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