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This is the substance manifesto

When you read this blog - whether it's for the first time, or you're a repeat visitor - I want you to remember what you're here for. Remember what's important in your life. Remember who you really are.


Consider this a plea to start living your life as a marathon. To start playing the long-game. To be more patient, and less greedy. To not expect good things to just happen to you without putting in the work. To learn to value progress over the destination. To learn to embrace uncertainty. To value love and relationships over hookups. To value physical and mental health. To love learning. To love being a beginner. To ask questions. To admit you don't have the answers. To be kind. To be generous. To lend a helping hand to your brothers and sisters. To get to know people for who they are, what they've been through, and where they're going, not what they look like or how they talk.

From a selfish perspective, I hope that by creating this community, I myself will learn to develop a more substance-over-style mindset. I’m not in any rush, but I would love some help from those who are on board.

Let’s see how we can help each other, what we can give each other, what values we can instill, and what fundamental truths we can discover. Let's deploy patience, praise effort, and be humble. Let's help each other to start running the marathon, not the sprint. Let's value substance over style.

-Gabe Orlowitz

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