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The Universe Wants Your Involvement

Life is asking you to dance with it. Will you accept its invitation, or will you pass?

A breeze wants to play with your hair. The ground wants to support your feet. The birds want you to hear them chirp.

If you pay attention, you realize that all of nature wants to interact with you. Problems want to be solved. Other people want your love.

Every situation is a new moment calling for your involvement, inviting you to participate in the dance of life. Every moment is a new hand inviting you to step up and move with the rhythm.

But we don't live like this, do we? Why is that?

It's because somewhere along the lines, we thought we had to be okay with every single dance. But here's the thing - life doesn't ask if we're okay with it. It never does. Somehow, we injected that question into the matter.

Why is this happening to me?

Why can't she be better?

Why won't he do this differently?

What's the matter with people?

These are all questions that get in the way of our natural involvement with reality.

Life just wants you to appreciate it, raise it up, or at the very least, interact with it in a harmonious way.

It does not want you to fight with it, because, as we all know, it will always fight back with equal force.

The universe wants love. People want love.

Give hate, and you'll get hate. Throw anger, and anger will be thrown back.

Love dissolves fear. Love dissolves despair.

But love is not conditional. Love is not bound by time. Love must envelop all other things. Everything must exist within in the context of love.

Throughout your day, start noticing when situations arise that make you uncomfortable or cause you any kind of disturbance. Those are signals, inviting you to look within, letting you know you're not dancing.

In those moments, ask yourself, what's preventing me from participating with what's in front of me?

Today, right here, right now, are you up for that dance?

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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