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The most important statement

With an applied willingness over time, anyone can achieve anything.


At this stage of my life, I'm realizing that the above statement is perhaps the most important statement I've ever made.

Here's why:

Any breakthrough I've ever had in my life - be it with learning Spanish, creating a physique I could once only imagine, or with learning about myself - it's only happened because I applied (took action) with my will over a long period of time.

Answers never came right away. At least not the big ones.

To put it another way, if I had lacked any three of those things - willingness, action, and time - I would not have achieved or learned the things I did. If I hadn't been willing, if I hadn't applied that willingness, and if I hadn't done that consistently over time, then I wouldn't have come this far.


I think this is true for anyone trying to achieve anything. To me, that's exciting. In a way, this is the secret formula that everybody's looking for.

Sorry, it's not magic. But when you stick to things, you realize it's true. Only looking back can you understand this statement.

Anyone can apply willingness right away. I could experience a sudden willpower to start a business. I might take action right away. But will I do that over time, long enough to achieve what I aim for?

That's the hard part. That requires consistent action. What's more, we don't know just how much time is involved. Could be a month. Could be a year. Could be a decade, depending on what we're doing, and what path we take.

We'll never have all the answers to begin with. It takes time to learn about something new, let alone master it. So in order to cross the vast plane of time, we need to assert willpower. And we can't just think it, we need to apply it, to act on it.

That's why if we analyze the statement, it makes a lot of sense.

As I explore happiness and what it means to live a fulfilled life, I am learning so much, at such a rapid pace, that what I say yesterday often becomes expanded, or in some cases contradicted, by what I learn today.

But why is this?

It's because I have an applied willingness over time.

Where will you apply your will?

Live with substance!


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