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The importance of staying in motion

Momentum is powerful thing. It can lift you to the highest of highs, and drag you down to the lowest of lows.


I very well know that no one (except for my amazing girlfriend) reads my blog, so it would be easy for me to give up.

Yet I'm still writing every day because I know that if I stop now, I can be sure that no one will EVER read it. But if I continue, I know that I at least have a shot of more people being exposed to my message.

And that's all I'm after. A shot at seeing if my message will resonate with people I don't know.

I know that it takes a lot of time - months or years - for anything successful to take off, whether it be a blog, a new YouTube channel, or a business.

Certain indescribably laws of the universe just don't let it happen in a matter of days or weeks.

I'm well aware of this, and trying to use it to my advantage.

Meaning, I know what most people do, because I am one of them. So when I catch myself wanting to quit, I then tell myself, "awesome, this is the point at which most people would quit, so I'm going to go just a little bit longer and see what happens."

The more I do this, the more it becomes a habit, and it's helped me over the past few years with making progress on important things in my life.

My main goal in having this blog and writing everyday is for you and me to become happier by talking about the real things that matter in life.

I know that this will take a long time (I'm talking years), because the people I admire, who've done similar things to what I'm trying to do, have all said the same thing.

It took them years before they saw any meaningful traffic to their content.

But you have to remember - I, we, only know about them because they're the ones who never stopped what they were doing, even when they didn't believe in their stuff. Even when they weren't sure what was going to happen next, or if anyone would ever give a shit about their message.

They just kept putting out content, staying in motion, because they loved what they were doing, trusted the process, and weren't in any rush.

That's what I plan to do here.

Rarely do I find myself able to perform a new habitual action every day solely out of enjoyment. But this blog stuff - writing a different post every day about fulfillment and personal development - has got me really jazzed up, so I'm going to use this momentum to build something awesome for all of us!

Live with substance!


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