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The danger in achieving

The only danger in achieving is thinking it will make you happy.


The truth is, I really, really badly want a Ferrari. I've always loved high end performance cars. To me, they represent the best minds coming together to create a masterpiece of man and machine. The best engineering, the most beautiful art, and the physical sensations of driving all captivate me. Ever since I've been a kid, owning and driving my own supercar has been my dream.

But let me be clear about one very important thing. I don't have one ounce of belief that when I have my Ferrari, I will be happier.

Of course I'll enjoy the heck out of driving it. I'll take care of it, I'll wash it, I'll take friends for rides. All of that will bring me joy. But it will be fleeting joy.

I have zero confusion that having a Ferrari will bring me the sense of lasting inner peace, love, and joy that I truly long for.

I just don't get the two confused. Just like I don't get money and happiness confused.

Some people "get" this, but I think it's more nuanced than just relating money, cars, and big houses to happiness.

There's nothing different about thinking that a new job, a new relationship, a new city, or even a new day, will make you happier.

If you believe that, you'll always be chasing something.

People, we need to go inward! We need to explore what the ancient philosophers have taught us, what spirituality teaches.

Who are you in there? You should incessantly ask that question. I've begun to ask the question "who am I?" and I don't intend to stop any time soon.

Being hungry for more is a fundamental characteristic of outwardly successful people, but it's not necessarily a characteristic of happy people. It's healthy to always want more, as long as it doesn't take away from your current happiness.

And the current happiness is what I'm searching for, and what I believe everyone should search for.

So, friends, I know it's easier said than done, but please, don't fall into the trap of thinking that getting something will give you what you really want.

That feeling of well-being that you're looking for, that we're all looking for, will never come from the outside! This is one of the most important messages that I'm passionate about spreading.

I hope you take this to heart, and start asking yourself, what do you really want?

Live with substance!


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