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Substance Over Style Explained Differently

I hope by now the Substance Over Style mantra is making sense to people.

Better yet, I hope I've been infusing it well throughout my articles so that it's understood. But in case I haven't, and for the sake of constant refinement and expansion of my framework, I think it's worth a refresher on what exactly I mean by "Substance Over Style" and why the heck that's the name of this blog.

During my more formative, shall I say, coming-of-age years, I've come to learn that most people never become as happy as they wish to be one day.

Amidst the hundreds, or probably thousands of reasons why this is the case, I've come to develop my own theory, or at least framework, as to why most people are unhappy.

In other words: I believe our misguided attention to superficial things in all areas of our lives - that is, everything we do for quick pleasure or avoidance of pain - has led us to live unfulfilled lives.

I also believe that the only way we can solve this, i.e. become truly happy as individuals, is to switch our mindset to value the long-term, but more difficult things, more than the short-term "sugar fixes."

I don't ever claim that this is easy, or that it's a one and done deal. Rather, I simply believe that we would ALL be much, much happier (i.e. living life on our own terms, growing and giving along the way) if we focused on filling our substance bucket more than the style bucket.

I enjoy writing about the struggle because (a) I know many of you can relate, and (b) I believe this will help me discover my true groove in life.

Most of all, I want to contribute to my own happiness, and yours as well.

Live with substance!


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