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Scattered Thoughts From Under A Thundercloud

Imagine if you could watch the storm in your mind like you watch a thunderstorm in the clouds.

It's quite a feeling when you can snuggle up next to a window in the comfort of your home, while thunder and lightening wreak beautiful, temporary havoc on the horizon. There's something so mighty, yet peaceful, about the whole thing.

Why can't it be like that in our minds? Why can't we watch the thoughts and emotions taking place inside of our field of awareness, just like we take in the thunderstorm?

Maybe we can. Maybe we just haven't learned how. Maybe there is a safe, tranquil, untouched seat from which we can all take in the outside world.

Maybe if we just paused and took the time to simply be, we'd realize we've always been in that seat.

Imagine devoting your whole life to searching for something you've been carrying in your back pocket all along. That's not very different from what we do in our lifetimes.

So often we think that life is about getting somewhere, going far, becoming somebody else that we currently are not. But what if that was the greatest tragedy of our existence - the fact that we never woke up to the realization that we already are everything we've been searching for?

I've learned that I don't want to wait for a day in the future, because I know that I only ever have now. I understand that if today I'm waiting on a day in the future, when that day comes, I will be waiting for a day after that.

When you understand the nature of the mind and can differentiate the branches from the root, you can begin to work with the real problem, which is not where you're at or what you have, but rather, the fact that you believe what your mind is telling you.

Your mind begs for someone to hear it, and you listen. Meanwhile, the silence quietly awaits, but you pay no attention. While the mind is an insecure attention seeker, the soul is a quiet, self-assured presence that loves unconditionally.

We lose our awareness in the fragility and fickleness of the mind. We long for all that was, or fantasize about all that could be, all while disrespecting all that is. This is our greatest mistake.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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