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Is There Any Way To Make Every Human Happy On Earth?

This is a fascinating question that someone posted on Quora, and I took a stab at answering it. Today, I share my brief answer with you. What are your thoughts on the question? Do you view happiness in a different light?

The question:

Is there any way to make every human happy on Earth?

And my answer:

First, it requires some level-setting on what exactly is meant by “happy.”

At this stage of my growth, I view happiness as inner peace, free from the incessant chatter of the mind, and a oneness and complete presence with reality. In this light, then yes, I do believe it’s possible for every human on Earth to experience life in this state.

However, to maintain it is an entirely individual quest. Therefore, I don't think it’s possible for everybody to always be happy, unless, and until, each individual commits his or her own life to such a cause.

If we want to consider momentary happiness as a possibility for everyone on Earth, let's turn to the universal example of sports. If you look at the greatest athlete of a sport, and then take eight billion people who are watching him or her on a world stage, it’s possible that the athlete momentarily takes the breath away from the billions of people watching.

It's possible that, albeit for a brief moment, the athlete could demonstrate such a spectacular showcase of their craft, that eight billion people have their minds blown. Literally, the nonstop voice in the mind temporarily ceases to make noise because of what was witnessed, and therefore everyone experiences true bliss, even if it's for a second.

It doesn’t have to be sports. It could be the first humans to reach Mars, or any magnificent event that captures the attention, and hits right to the core, of every human witnessing it.

However, this momentary state of happiness - of true presence and undivided connection with reality - will pass, and people will return to their normal states of being.

That’s why in order for every single human on Earth to live in a state of unconditional happiness (which is what we're really after), it must happen within the individual.

No outside occurrence or person can ultimately make you happy long-term. Only you can do that.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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