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Is it Wrong to Want a Ferrari?

I've always wanted to own a Ferrari, but is this a bad desire to have? Is it not the spiritual thing to do?

As I learn about true spiritual fulfillment, I at least have to ask myself, why do I really want a Ferrari?

I can come up with a decent sized list of real, honest reasons why I want one:

  • I love to drive, and they are incredible driving machines.

  • I love the G-forces and physical sensations of being thrown side to side, back and forth, in a high performance vehicle.

  • The visceral sense of emotion and theater while driving essentially take me out of my mind and fully into the present moment.

  • It's a symbol for my hard work and turning a dream into reality.

  • It'll mean that I'll have created a better financial life for myself and hopefully my loved ones (I've always said, you don't get a Ferrari by accident - you work your ass off over many years to get to that point, so inevitably you've had to do things out of your comfort zone to get there).

Those are all of the reasons why I want a Ferrari. And to be honest, it's hard to find fault with any of them.

But, is it what I really want?

If I'm going to look within and take a substance-over-style approach, I have to ask myself, do I stop there by wanting those things? Or is the idea that getting those things will bring me that amazing feeling of joy and ecstasy that I seek?

I'll be honest, this isn't an easy question to wrap my head around. But maybe that's the problem - I'm using my head to try to comprehend this predicament, when in reality I need to use my consciousness, my light, my self, to get to the truth.

The only conclusion I can come to now is that my desire for a Ferrari should not take away my ability to enjoy the present moment. It's okay to be fascinated by them, but if we think of true wealth as the ability to fully experience life, than my wanting of a Ferrari should not take that wealth away from me right now.

Put another way, I should be just as happy regardless of whether or not I end up owning one. It shouldn't matter to my happiness. Either way, I'll enjoy life. That's the essence of spirituality and the commitment I'm making to myself and to others.

I'm still very much enamored and inspired by high performance supercars like Ferraris, but I will no longer make my life about achieving the goal. If I did that, then everything I do, everybody I meet, in some way or another becomes about the Ferrari. Pretty soon that Ferrari runs my life, and even when I get it, it's still going to run my life, because I'll worry about it in new ways.

I'm realizing that there's nothing wrong with material things in life. For you, it might be nice clothes, or unlimited travel, or a beautiful home.

Whatever you desire, know that there's nothing wrong with being inspired by it. Just don't make it your life's work to achieve it. And definitely don't make your fulfillment dependent on achieving it.

I realize that's contrary to popular personal development teachings, and if I read this statement a year ago, I think I would've dismissed it. But now I fully embrace it.

After all, there could be much better things in store for you if you just keep an open heart and surrender to life's reality.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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