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How To Keep Moving When You're Discouraged

Occasionally (and sometimes quite often) I get discouraged with things going on in my life. This blog is no exception.


Sometimes the only thing keeping me from discontinuing this blog is because I know that if I do, then it's 100% guaranteed that nothing good will come of it and all momentum will be lost. Yet if I continue writing every day, I at least have the chance to turn it into something really impactful.

And that's enough for me to keep on moving.

I have goals, dreams, and visions of how I want to live my life and the impact I want to leave, and this blog fits right into that vision. I've lived long enough to know that quitting is simply the only way to guarantee that I won't get there.

By continuing, I can't guarantee that I will realize my vision, but by stopping, I sure as hell can guarantee that I won't.

Knowing that is powerful for me. It even motivates me. When I'm discouraged, I can lean on it as something that's undeniably true - just like you can trust gravity to make things fall - I can trust that no matter how much the voices inside my head tell me to stop, I know what that would lead to, and that doesn't support my mission.

If you're dealing with something that's daunting, or if you're just feeling really discouraged, think back to what you're ultimately trying to do. If you're discouraged, that probably means part of you wants to stop doing what you're doing. That's okay. That's just the voice inside your head doing what it does best.

Ask yourself: would stopping what I'm doing get me closer to that vision?

I understand you're uncertain that doing what you've been doing will get you there. However, can't you be certain that by stopping, you wont?

This shift in mindset helps me push forward when the going gets tough.

I hope it helps you do the same.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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