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Fear Sells, Love Wins

Fear is like a strong wind that blows into town. It will move people, create disturbance, and stir up change. However, it will also leave a wake of visible, or oftentimes invisible, destruction behind.

Love, on the other hand, is a warm breeze that envelopes a whole community, filling the hearts of anyone ready to receive it. Unlike fear, love has the power to move people to action while paving the way behind them for others to follow safely. No wake of destruction, just a pathway, lighting up the souls of everyone it touches.

Fear might bring change in the short-term, but can never sustain long-term positive outcomes. Only love can do that.

It's easy to choose fear over love. In fact, in many cases, fear chooses us. It takes over before we have a chance to respond wisely. As soon as it has our grip, we're at its mercy.

The news cycle loves to highlight this behavior, because it grabs our attention, and therefore brings in more advertising revenue. When we see other people acting out of fear, it attracts our consciousness quicker than anything else. We must remember this at all times.

Fear sells, love wins.

While acting out of love won't sell, it will bring warmth and peace to your heart. And that's ultimately what we all want. No one wants to feel anxious, or angry, or resentful. Those feelings are a burden to carry. They clog up our energy flows and create all sorts of erratic behavior.

It's so tragic, yet so understandable, that so many people act out in seemingly immoral ways. They've spent their lives collecting uncomfortable experiences, and need to do all sorts of crazy things in order to feel okay. What they need, what we all need, is to focus first and foremost on cleaning up our inner environments so that we act out of love, not fear.

We must learn to release, to let go, of the fearful energies that so often guide our actions. We don't need to get rid of them, because that would be impossible. However, we do need to learn how to interact with them so that our actions can be guided by love.

While it may not be easy, it certainly doesn't have to be complicated. Look at exercise. Getting in shape is not complicated. In fact, it has to be one of the simplest things to do. Eat whole, nutritious foods, and exercise a few times a week. While incredibly simple, it's still so difficult. But, those who do it swear by it.

The same goes for learning to clean up our inner environments. It's incredibly simple, yet difficult to do. That's why I created an entire guidebook on letting go of the disturbances that show up throughout our days. It's free, and you can find it at the bottom of this page.

I'm confident that doing the practices in the guidebook will help you, just like they help me, choose love over fear. The truth is, love comes naturally in the absence of fear. It's not like you have to add love onto fear. You just have to eradicate the fear, and what's left is love.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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