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Embracing our struggle for fulfillment

We should all embrace our universal struggle for meaning.


Let's stop shaming people for not being happy. Let's stop wondering why rich and famous people aren't happy. Let's stop having a hard time believing that a celebrity isn't happy.

Since when did happiness become correlated with anything on the outside?

True fulfillment and fame having nothing in common. True fulfillment and money have nothing in common. True fulfillment and material things have nothing in common. The list goes on and on.

Nothing external will ever give us what we're truly searching for.

Is it that we're searching for the wrong things? Are most people just totally wrong about what they think they need?

The fact that fulfillment can only come from within is a truth that has become more and more evident to me as I've gotten older and hear story after story about miserable billionaires or happy children living in third world countries.

The fact is, I hear about people who are rich and happy, and people who are rich and poor. People who are famous around the world and happy, and people with worldwide fame who are miserable.

What's happening here is, for the longest time and for some weird reason, society has linked fulfillment, something every individual longs for, with external conditions.

Once basic needs are met, it's all about the inner game when it comes to being happy.

Besides, man's search for meaning (not the book, which I definitely recommend) is something every man, woman, and child have in common, so why can't we all find unity in that?

We're all after fulfillment. We're all searching for the feeling of being truly ALIVE! The feeling of inner peace, joy, and love.

Each of us gets meaning in different ways. But one common theme among truly fulfilled people is that they are part of something larger than themselves - a mission, a purpose, God, the universe. Something that pulls them to constantly become better versions of themselves, helping others in some capacity along the way.

What do you think? Is fulfillment just an ideal, something to strive for but never really attain?

Or is it something that can truly be obtained?

Live with substance!


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